Watch for future events! SOON!!

This isolation will be over soon.  Lets celebrate (distanced of course) with a  plein air workshop?



May 5 - June 25

This Exhibit will  be open until June 25th, because Jester Annex was closed due to the Corona Virus.  Jester's is now open for all to see!  One of the really wonderful things to observe there is that all of the folks coming into the building stop and look at the works.  They seem to anticipate Round Rock Arts ability to deliver public art.  Very pleasant!

Round Rock Arts presents ACT artists at Jester Annex: Judy Allen,Beverly Contreras,  Beverly Dennis, Donna Dugone, Diane Fraser,  Connie Hartsfield, Meena Jakkula, Ted Keller,  Kathy Miller, Jack Puryear, Monica Puryear, David Schwindt, Mary Schwindt,  and Karen Sherman.


COVID-19 Online Workshop!

Join us on our members Facebook page,

for lively ART discussion.  (We just named it COVID-19 to be cool.)  We are posting work every day and trying to make sense of our world... making art!

Exhibition Opportunities


Texas Artists Coalition

Lots of Texas exhibit possibilities with this group.  Check them out!


Creative Art Society

Austin Based, Creative Arts Society is a great organization that spans greater Austin.  More possibilities  HERE.


Round Rock Library

A ways off, but  Oct. 2021 membership show at Round Rock Library.  Thanks, Sylvia!